Welcome to the k. thompson photography blog! I’m Kelsey Thompson, a documentary-style wedding photographer in the Washington, DC metro area. I work and reside in Alexandria, Virginia with my two cute and crazy dogs and my husband (also cute and crazy).

This photography blog will be the best place for you to view images from my recent weddings and portrait sessions. It’s also where I’ll announce new products and share my thoughts about weddings, photography, and the amazing couples that I feel so lucky to work with year-round!

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Out and about in Old Town

I just wanted to share some photos that I took when walking around Old Town Alexandria this past week. The buds and flowers are really popping out on the trees. There is still quite a chill in the air, but my mom was visiting and I wanted to take her around the city. Hope you enjoy these images!


Spring is in the air

I caught this funny pic of my pup after his spring haircut with a bunch of spring-green mums I picked up a the grocery store. He always likes to check out any flowers I bring home...though I can't imagine they taste very good!


A beautiful baby girl

I was out of town this past weekend visiting two of my friends from college who had their first baby this past fall. Sophie is now five months old and as cute as she can be. Her smile absolutely lights up the room. We had a couple impromptu "portrait sittings" using only the natural winter light coming in the window and a sheet of white fleece we picked up at the local fabric store for a background. The sessions didn't last too long as I quickly learned the limits of trying to get this young baby girl to smile for the camera for more than a few minutes at a time. But Sophie gave us many great smiles and giggles during my time there, not to mention other special moments throughout the day. I can't wait to take some more photos of her as she grows (and any siblings that happen to come along as well). Congratulations again to my friends...they truly make wonderful parents!


A walk in the park

My fiance and I took our pups on a walk on the trail around Lake Accotink yesterday, taking advantage of a brief spell of warm and sunny weather. It was pure bliss...that kind of day where the cool breeze keeps you from overheating in the sun's rays. The leaves and bushes are still pretty brown, but I'm sure we'll see new buds soon, especially if this weather keeps up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Anyway, one of my favorite things about this trail is the bridges that you cross as you walk around the lake. Unfortunately, a heavy rain last night flooded sections of the trail, so we were only able to go half-way around. But here are some shots I grabbed along the way when the dogs weren't pulling on the leashes too hard. :)


Old Town and St. Patrick

Last weekend was Alexandria's annual St. Patrick's Day Parade. The old, the young, and the family dog all line up along both sides of King Street to get a glimpse of the many different groups that walk in the parade. You'll see everything from dancers to marching bands to antique cars to horses to police motorbikes to dogs and more! It was a little chilly out, but I guess that is what happens when the parade is held so far in advance of St. Patrick's Day. Nonetheless, everyone had a great time.


An unexpected musical treat

I was taking a walk down by the waterfront a few days ago and happened across the unusual musical talents of Jamey Turner. Jamey plays the glass harp, which consists of a variety of ordinary stemmed glasses filled with different levels of water that he plays by running his fingers around the rims of the glasses. His unconventional and amazing abilities drew quite a crowd and enchanted many children.