Welcome to the k. thompson photography blog! I’m Kelsey Thompson, a documentary-style wedding photographer in the Washington, DC metro area. I work and reside in Alexandria, Virginia with my two cute and crazy dogs and my husband (also cute and crazy).

This photography blog will be the best place for you to view images from my recent weddings and portrait sessions. It’s also where I’ll announce new products and share my thoughts about weddings, photography, and the amazing couples that I feel so lucky to work with year-round!

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A little fun in the sun

A few weeks ago, I was out in sunny Arizona for a wedding photographers convention. It was a blast! Several of my fellow photographer friends from the area joined me and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves thinking about nothing but photography for five days straight and learning from the very best in the industry. We even found a little time to shoot out in the desert while fleeing from coyotes (another story for another time). Having experienced nothing but rain and cold here in DC for months, my camera found itself almost magnetically drawn to the sun and loving every minute of it!

Just goofing around in our hotel room one night. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to get a bunch of photographers to sit still in front of the camera!

One of the highlights of the trip...a cactus decorated as an American flag. I just had to photograph my ladies in front of it! There were only four sombreros, so you won't find me in this photo either. :)