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Sarah & Nick - A blizzard wedding at St. Matthews and the Carnegie Institute

Ceremony: St. Matthew's Cathedral
Reception: Carnegie Institution for Science
Co-ordinator: Heidi with Entertain Me
DJ: Kirk with Kirkabees
Hair and Make-up: Up Dos for I Do
Flowers: Brookhill Florist

With over 20 inches of snow on the ground, this was certainly a wedding to remember! (Though perhaps not in the exact way that Sarah and Nick had originally imagined as they planned their December wedding celebration.) I think it's pretty safe the say that we were all rather amazed and shocked as the city was blanketed by one of the largest snow storms to hit the DC area this decade. I admit that I was more than a little worried that my car would get stuck in a snow drift as I drove into the city that morning. But Sarah and Nick couldn't have been more relaxed about the whole thing! This was the perfect example of remembering the most important part of the day...that you end up married to your love and best friend. On this crazy day, the rest was just a bonus to these two. Which is exactly why I was so thrilled to be there to photograph it all for them! And yes, my car did get stuck a couple of times. But thanks to the generous help of everyone there (and a little creative parking), we just kept on going! Congrats again, Sarah and Nick! And what an amazing wedding to end the year on!

Sarah's bridesmaids reaction as she finished getting into her gown.

And Sarah's mom. I love how the same moment can bring both smiles and tears!

This is what happened when we attempted to go outside for a few shots. The snow was getting whipped around so hard that Sarah couldn't keep her eyes open!

But we still had to make sure we got this one shot since this is also where Nick proposed to Sarah.

This group was VERY ready to dance the night away and forget the storm outside!

I think you had to be there for this one. I was laughing so hard that my eyes were tearing up behind the camera!

And this was the scene outside as I left for the night. Crazy!

Lastly, some details. Their theme was based on the book, "A Christmas Carol." Even the cake-toppers were made out of pages from the book! Love it!


Qiao & Chris

Ceremony: St. Columba Catholic Church
Reception: China Garden
Hair and Make-up: Romance Wedding Service

I've been traveling and as much fun as it's been to get away, I am sooooo glad to be back! I've been away from my blog for too long! But I'm excited to kick off the new year with Qiao and Chris' beautiful December wedding. These two are photographers themselves, so I'm sure they are really looking forward to this blog post! What a crazy and exciting day they had! This was the first of many snowstorms that we have gotten this winter, so we moved our portrait time inside the awesome Hotel Palomar in Arlington. That's also where we started the day with Qiao and her bridesmaids getting ready. Let's start with Qiao's fantastic shoes (both pairs)...love these!

This could be my favorite image of the day that I captured as Qiao inspected her dress. Gorgeous!

I love this little smile on Chris' face as he says his vows.

The bridal party did a group high-five in celebration after the ceremony!

Qiao's eyes just pooled with tears listening to her maid of honor speak.

Time for the money dance!

I laugh out loud everytime I see this image...love it!