Welcome to the k. thompson photography blog! I’m Kelsey Thompson, a documentary-style wedding photographer in the Washington, DC metro area. I work and reside in Alexandria, Virginia with my two cute and crazy dogs and my husband (also cute and crazy).

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Happy snow day!

I have been keeping my fingers crossed all winter for some good snow. Not that thin layer of mushy stuff, but some honest to goodness SNOW. The kind we used to get back in Chicago when I was growing up. Snowball-worthy snow. Well, I sure got my wish! The best part was taking our pups out in the backyard for some fun. I don't know what it is about snow, but it makes them absolutely crazy...they love it! They run, they jump, they dig, they lick, they snoof (that's a technical term, of course). Sure there were icicles and mini snowballs stuck to their fur (and my hair) by the time we came back in, but we had a blast!


Katrina & Adam - Wedding at Brown's Chapel

Katrina and Adam are one of those couples that will do anything for their love. It was such an honor to be present as they held an intimate ceremony for just their closest family and friends only weeks before Adam headed overseas in the service of our country. I'm delighted to say that I will be photographing their larger ceremony and reception this summer as well! Congratulations to you both! I can't wait to see you all again and be there for more of your celebration!

I just LOVE the 1920's era wave in her hair! Gorgeous!

I snuck up on the condemned balcony of the chapel to grab this fun angle of their ceremony. The whole time I was thinking...please don't let me fall through the floor and ruin their vows!


Nauman & Aadila - Walima

I had one last day to enjoy photographing Nauman and Aadila's wedding celebrations, and you can bet I was going to do my best to capture some final great images for them. Lucky for me, their Walima was filled with amazing colors, loving family, and a very happy couple to top things off! The newlyweds simply radiated joy as their family and friends toasted to their happiness and new life together. I know I've said this before, but my sincerest thanks to Aadila and Nauman for trusting me to capture these important days for them! It was such a pleasure to get to know you both and watch the progression of your marriage celebration! Best wishes to you always!

Looking back through my images of Aadila, I've noticed quite a few where I focused in on her eyes. But seriously, with these stellar eyelashes, how could I not?!?!

Absolutely stunning.

Having restrained themselves the night before, a little goofing around with the cake was inevitable. But really, when presented with a second cake-cutting, who could've resisted?!?!

Guys will be guys! Between posed formal shots, Nauman's friends indulged in a little good-natured fun. I just get such a kick out of his expression in this one!


Aadila & Nauman - Wedding at the Harbor Court Intercontinental, Baltimore

Ceremony and Reception: Harbor Court Intercontinental
Dress: Blueberries Bridal

Okay, get ready for a lot of photos! Aadila and Nauman's wedding was so filled with beautiful and touching moments (not to mention a lot of fun and laughter!) that it was just too difficult to narrow down their images.  Thank you both again for inviting me to be a part of everything!

When I am first going through the images that I've captured at a wedding, there are usually a few that just stop me in my tracks. Maybe it's lighting, maybe the angle, but then sometimes it's as simple as the expressions. As Nauman said his vows, he and Aadila locked eyes and it was so amazing to see the power and sincerity of their love for one another. Wow. Just wow.

Married! Check out that grin!

Under the guise of taking a photo with all the girls, Nauman was cornered and his shoes were wrestled away. He did put up a good fight though!

Lucky for him, his best man came prepared with an extra pair. Now that's a true best man!

As a surprise, Nauman had Aadila's name put on the palm of his hand. I love it!